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My Story


Welcome to my little bakery! My name is Jenna. I am a retired professional ballroom/latin dancer who always had this idea of a bakery one day! My love for baking comes from Claire Fera, aka my "Nanny". She taught me how to bake when I was just a little girl. Claire would bake over 4,000 homemade cookies every holiday season in her cozy little kitchen. She would give them out as gifts all over the community which is how she was known as "Claire's Cookies." By the time I was a teenager, everyone was asking for Claire's cookies around the holiday season! The cookie community was growing each year! I am dedicating my business to my nanny, Claire! She is still baking at 87 years old!


"I will never stop baking!"- Claire Fera

Enjoy from one family tradition to another!


Claire Fera

"The Famous Claire"

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